Monday, 1 July 2013

What is Repeater Control in Asp.Net and How to use Repeater control to bind data...?

Here I will explain you, what is Repeater Control and nhow to use this control to bind data in Asp.Net.

The Repeater control in ASP.NET is a data-bound container control that can be used to automate the display of a collection of repeated list items. These items can be bound to either of the following data sources:
  • Database Table
  • XML File
In a Repeater control, the data is rendered as DataItems that are defined using one or more templates. You can even use HTML tags such as <li>, <ul>, or <div> if required. Similar to the DataGrid, DataList, or GridView controls, the Repeater control has a DataSource property that is used to set the DataSource of this control to any ICollection, IEnumerable, or IListSource instance. Once this is set, the data from one of these types of data sources can be easily bound to the Repeater control using its DataBind() method.
However, the Repeater control by itself does not support paging or editing of data. The Repeater control is light weight and does not contain so many features as the DataGrid contains. However, it enables you to place HTML code in its templates. It is great in situations where you need to display the data quickly and format the data to be displayed easily.....[Continue]

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